My name is Rita Camacho, originally from Peru; I have been living in the United   States since 1992. I am a Textile Designer and work at a design studio  in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have always been inclined towards crafts, sewing, knitting, crochet and lately jewelry making.

The articles of jewelry I produce are made of Metal Clay . Metal Clay is an amazing material made of three ingredients: water, an organic binder and pure silver or copper powder. In its soft state this wondrous material can be textured, shaped and sculpted. On its dry state it becomes hard like plaster and can be carved with a file and carving tools. Once fired on a jeweler’s kiln, the result is a pure silver (99.9%)  or copper piece of jewelry. I also add embellishments in the form of patina, enamel and set stones. Each piece is unique.


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